The NYC Project is a personal photography project aimed at capturing images throughout New York City. From the urban landscape that is Manhattan to the unique details of the smaller boroughs, this photography project aims to capture the city in select images throughout 2019.

NYC Project - Staten Island Ferry - Series 2

One of my favorite things to do while in NYC is ride the Staten Island Ferry. Picturesque views of lower manhattan can be seen leaving the dock and on the return voyage. The best feature of the ferry is it’s still free to ride after all these years.

Traveling the Streets of Manhattan- Series 1

{Images taken between 2012 - 2017}

The first contribution to the NYC Project begins with an archive of original photography taken between 2012 & 2017. The theme of the gallery focuses primarily on the various methods of transportation in New York. If new to the city the hum of the streets can seem like a constant chaotic dream and the modes of getting around it can seem even more confusing. The loud steel tubes race underground shuffling the masses around the island on a constant 24 hour loop, resulting in an exodus onto the streets where walking must be done at a brisk pace or it will otherwise not go unnoticed by locals.

Suffice to say, New York City is a photographer’s dream.

The never-ending buzz of constant motion sets the scene for wonderful landscapes.

Equipment: Nikon D7000, Canon AE-1, Nikkor 12-24mm

Post: Lightroom C, PhotoShop,